This plane made from and powered by cannabis is a triumph for both hemp advocates and environmental activists.

By Burgess Powell / High Times Magazine

Getting high has never been more literal. Someone just built the world’s first plane made from and powered by cannabis. Not only does this totally functional plane run on 100 percent hemp oil, but it was made entirely from cannabis. Everything from the seats, the wings, the plane walls and even the pillows contains hemp.

Some Details About The World’s First Weed Plane

The world’s first plane made from and powered by cannabis can hold one pilot and four very lucky passengers. The plane’s wingspan is 36 feet.

Check out the CEO of the company that invented the plane flying it in this video.

Why Build A Plane Made From Hemp?

Cannabis, in addition to being one of the world’s healthiest and most enjoyable herbs, is also an incredibly versatile material. Hemp is 10 times stronger than steel. This means that it can withstand a lot more weight before and breaks, and it can bend way further than metal.

Additionally, traditional aerospace materials are heavier than hemp. Most manufacturers use aluminum to build planes. Hemp is significantly lighter and therefore requires a lot less fuel to get up in the sky.

Most importantly, hemp is an environmentally friendly material. Hemp requires way less water and land to grow than cotton and even puts nutrients back into the soil.

Compared to steel, which requires mining, or carbon fiber, produced from plastic, hemp has almost no environmental impact. Before governments started restricting hemp production, it was one of the most widely used crops.

Who Designed It

Canadian cannabis company Hempearth designed the world’s first plane made from and powered by cannabis. Founded in 2012, Hempearth also sells cannabis oils and a variety of weed-derived products, the Florida company, Velocity, Inc. manufactured the plane.

Hempearth CEO Derek Kesek is interested in hemp as a sustainable material. “This is the kind of future we all want here on Earth,” Kesek says about his plane, hinting at hemp’s potential as a building material. Kesek and Hempearth are perfectly poised for more cannabis innovation with Canada’s upcoming legalization of recreational marijuana.

Final Hit: The World’s First Plane Made From And Powered By Cannabis

Medically or otherwise, cannabis’ uses are endless. With increased pollution from everything from mining to plastics to jet fuel, cannabis offers an environmentally friendly, and more efficient, way to travel.

Plus, nothing looks better stoned than an aerial view.

This Article courtesy of Author, Burgess Powell and our friends at High Times Magazine