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Hemp House Pods ™

These very simple yet fire, pest, mold and earthquake resistant iHemp cabins can be used as a:
sleep-out, portable office, man-cave, granny flat, Grow room, Potting shed, B&B Cottage, Writer’s Studio, Hideaway, Music Room, Artist Retreat,  Eco Cottages, Granny Flat, Spare Room, Kitchen, Tea Room, Wood Shed, Hen House, Hobby Shed, Tool Shed, Outbuilding, Yoga Room, Gym,

Whatever the purpose, we can build this 8’ wide by 12’ long Hemp Cabin with 6″ Hempcrete walls in about a week, and without requiring a building permit !!!

We can build and ship it to you for ~$14,995 (plus taxes and freight) ex factory – San Diego, CA (Decking is extra but will add a whole new perspective to your new Hemp House Pod).

Please note: any size structure with plumbing requires a building permit

Costs to build vary by country, region, climate and building codes. Therefore, any prices shown here are indicative only and must be calculated in accordance with local building costs and prices. Hemp Technologies accepts no liability for materials purchased from other suppliers.


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