Call it the canni-bus.

Starting Friday night and throughout the weekend of Feb. 25-26, a tour bus will be making 30-minute loops in Aspen while its passengers are allowed to partake in cannabis consumption.

The bus trips are part of a product rollout by Aspen-based Toast, the marketer of low-powered marijuana cigarettes. The products cannot be sold on the bus, but will be available at The Original Leaf dispensary in the North of Nell building in downtown Aspen.

Loopr, a Denver-based company that bills itself as the city’s “Cannabis Social Lounge,” is providing the bus for the private, invite only event.

Toast co-founder and CEO Punit Seth said Thursday that passengers can bring their own marijuana products or try the Toast product. Each cannabis cigarette is called a “Slice,” with a full one having roughly the same mind-changing effect as a glass of champagne, Seth said. Toast is geared toward users who are new to cannabis or don’t want to get overly high while enjoying its social comforts, he said.

Seth said the bus will return to Aspen on other weekends to be named later.

“One of the biggest issues is there are no places to consume socially,” he said, “and we wanted to provide a responsibly safe, legal way that consumers that could do that.”

Aspen’s city code prohibits the “operation of any public or private club or business allowing the consumption of marijuana on the premises.”