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As a decades-long Hemp / Cannabis / Marijuana proponent, businessman and entrepreneur, Rick Edward Richards has passionately lobbied as to the infinitesimal possibilities, applications and beneficial uses of the world’s most diverse and extraordinary plant.

Frustrated by the past, current and ongoing misperceptions, delusions, half-truths, outright lies and the accompanying stigma that has continued to follow this miracle plant for the past 79+ years; Rick launched The Hemp Advocate in an attempt to dispel the myths, share the hard facts and begin the enlightenment process to all those that have fallen victim to the constant barrage of negative propaganda, misrepresentations, misguided associations, targeted smear campaigns and unmitigated falsehoods.

The mission and goal of The Hemp Advocate is to be your “go to” source for all things Hemp / Cannabis / Marijuana. A focused, factual, educational forum and advisory for anything and everything related to Hemp. From Industrial, Medical, Environmental, Health and Superfoods, Recreational, Financial and Investments, Start-ups, Political Challenges, Growing and Cultivating, Dispensaries, Legal Concerns, Jobs, Staffing or Training, Climate Change, Biomass Fuels, Building Materials, News, Scientific Breakthroughs and much more…. We’ll cover it all.

The Hemp Advocate is about helping you live a more complete and abundant life, growing your wealth, increasing your productivity, improving your health, empowering others and improving the planet, merely by incorporating some of our simple, Hemp-focused insights, strategies and suggested recommendations.

One person can make a difference….. And it starts with you!
Better Life, Better Planet…… Naturally!

All the best,

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Rick Edward Richards

Publisher, The Hemp Advocate Est. 420 / 2016


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