By The MJT (Marijuana Times) Story Team

Which CBD oil supplier should I trust?’ is one of the most common queries amongst CBD retailers, the health industry, and newbies in the cannabis industry looking to strike it rich. With the increasing popularity of CBD products, the supply has doubled – and with shady producers using smoke and mirrors to get noticed, choosing the right CBD oil wholesale supplier has become more difficult.

It is crucial to find one trustworthy CBD oil supplier for three main reasons:

  • You are investing heavily in the business and getting the best value is the only way you can profit
  • Even if you successfully sell the CBD oil products you stock, you may not have repeat customers if your CBD oil products are of average or poor quality
  • You will have a downside on the trust factor from your consumers if your CBD oil products are low quality

So unless you know cannabis in and out, you will need this complete guide on finding a trustworthy CBD oil wholesale supplier for running a smooth, profitable business.

Checklist Of Factors That You Need To Verify For Picking A High-Quality CBD Brand

1. The Manufacturing Process Of CBD

The quality of CBD extracts depends highly on the extraction process. Hemp plants are generous to the soil, as in, they are “hyperaccumulators’’. Hemp enriches the soil by not only returning its goodness, but also by sucking in the metallic waste. Because it has a high capacity for absorption, it is essential to have a thorough extraction process to formulate pollutant-free CBD.

And how do you know if your CBD oil wholesaler is giving you a quality product?

All you have to do is check their manufacturing process. There are four CBD extraction processes including solvent-based, dry-ice extraction, alcohol-based, and CO2 extraction.

Of all these, the CO2 CBD extraction process is the most thorough as it removes all the pollutants, including metallic waste. The other three have varying potencies but lack the intensity of filtering the goodness of CBD that CO2 does.

Tip: Make sure the CBD oil wholesale partner you choose uses the CO2 extraction process. Mind you, the products developed using this method will be more expensive than the others, but they will also have better efficacy.

2. Where Are They Sourcing Their Hemp From?

After the U.S. government passed the Farm Bill in 2014, growing hemp in the US became easier than it was before. States like Kentucky are becoming popular for choosing hemp as their crops.

U.S. standards only allow the best hemp stalks, and manufacturers are supposed to use quality hemp. However, not all manufacturers do so. The majority of manufacturers import their hemp for several reasons, price being one of them. Russian and Chinese hemp stalks have the lowest grade quality.

So, who should you trust?

Tip: Eliminate every CBD oil supplier that is shady about their hemp source. Trust the ones who use American grown hemp. And as for the imports, the CBD oil wholesale brands who import UK standard hemp are also trustworthy. Before the US allowed us to say hemp, that’s where we were getting the stalks.

3. See The Amount Of THC They Allow In Their Final Product

You must do this, especially if you are living in a state where THC is still medically and recreationally illegal. The amount of THC in your CBD products could decide your future in the CBD business because of the legal issues involved.

The legality of CBD products could be questioned if they have more than 0.3% THC in them. Although the THC levels of hemp are pretty low and there is only a small chance of exceeding the 0.3% limit, many brands add THC externally to make their products more effective than the other pure-CBD brands.

Tip: Look for THC Free labels on the products, and more than that, check their site with a hawk eye for the details on THC levels. Pick a CBD supplier brand that flaunts their compliance with the law by having less than 0.3% THC levels.

4. The Ace Card – Check For Third-Party Lab Tests And See How Detailed They Are

This is probably the ultimate way to hand-pick the best CBD wholesale brands. Only the best in the game provide third-party lab test results on their public domains.

CBD being a natural substance, it tends to change with atmospheric and other external factors. Moreover, the levels of THC have to be monitored, and any internal quality assurance system may make a mistake.

Only the best brands want to be thorough with their CBD oil products and want their consumers to get an excellent product in hand.

Tip: Look for a CBD oil supplier that tests each batch of the products and update accordingly on their site. Moreover, many brands test only for THC levels. They are good, but if you have found a manufacturer who uses a third-party lab to check for pollutants, metallic waste, and every other kind of impurity, that’s it! Go for that CBD manufacturer! That’s the one you should trust with your investment.

5. Is The Oil Whole? Check For Full-Spectrum Label

Although CBD isolates have become popular, especially amongst people who prefer vaping, there are countless benefits of going for full-spectrum oil over isolates.

Full-spectrum CBD oil means the hemp extracts are used wholly. CBD is not isolated in full-spectrum oils, but all the cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and nutritional value of the hemp stalks remain intact. These compounds increase the efficacy of CBD and are found to have better results than crystalline forms of CBD.

Wrapping It Up

The inference is that the number of CBD manufacturers has increased and if you are looking for a business partner, you have to be smart and careful. Follow the checklist, and we’re sure you’ll partner with a trustworthy CBD oil wholesale brand.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and educational purposes only and is not intended to reflect the views of the publication MJT.